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Our Story

We got bored of getting the milk - well, to be honest we got board of arguing over who should get the milk. Since 2007, our team have happily plodded along providing fruit to the nation’s work force via Fruit For The Office. In general we are a calm and humble lot, but when it came to getting the milk tensions had been known to rise!

So then came the light bulb moment. Surely we couldn’t be the only ones playing endless rounds of rock paper scissors in an attempt to decide whose turn it was to get a pint of the white stuff. Hence Get The Milk was born.

We put together a team of Milk Angels who will remove the hassle of actually having to get the milk. For years our team have been putting together delicate fruit orders and delivering them to hundreds of offices in London and beyond. Simply put, we know what we’re doing. From keeping foods fresh, dealing with last minute order changes and liaising with reception desks and delivery rooms, our Milk Angels have got it covered.

We’re not all about milk though; we’ve got an expanding selection of food, drinks and snacks that you can have delivered to your office door along with your milk delivery. So technically no one ever needs to leave. Good news for the bosses, maybe not so good for the staff.

From the Milk Angels (click HERE to meet the team)

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